one-pointed devotion is the easiest path to Narayan

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Srimad Bhagavatam



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Bhagavad Puran was compiled by Sage Ved Vyas for the benefit of mankind in the era of kaliyug. It stresses devotion to the Lord as the easiest and quickest way to salvation just by chanting “Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya”

All our scriptures can be divided into two main categories-

Srutis: that knowledge which is received directly through a divine source by sages in meditation. The vedas and 108 upanishads are a result of sruti.

Smriti: that knowledge that is shared and passed down from memory. Puranas belong to the category of Smriti

Puranas have the essence of the vedas, compiled for the ordinary people to understand who could not understand the vedas. All puranas talk about:

  1. Sarga – The creation of the universe.
  2. Pratisarga – Secondary creations, mostly re-creations after dissolution.
  3. Vamśa – Genealogy of gods and sages.
  4. Manvañtara – The creation of the human race and the first human beings.1
  5. Vamśānucaritam – Dynastic histories.

There are 18 mahapurans. Bhagvat Puran is a Maha Puran compiled by Sage Vyas.

One day sage Narad paid a visit to Ved Vyas who lived in an Ashram near the banks of the Yamuna river.Vyas welcomed him and seated him.Narada asked  him that he must be happy since he composed the Mahabharat. He also has knowledge of Brahmavidya. But he still didn’t appear happy and asked him what  was the matter?

Vyas said that he was worried about the well-being of the people in Kaliyug. In his meditations long ago he had seen the deterioration of dharma in kaliyug and the change in man. The earth is pervaded with sin and earth and slowly losing its original glory.  He felt sorry for the people who would have to live in kaliyug. That’s is why he compiled the vedic information into 4 vedas. But realized average people will not be able to study and understand it. So then he wrote the Mahabharata in which all lessons of the vedas are taught. But he still felt restless and unhappy. He had no peace.

Sage Narad told him that he was unhappy because his writing of the Mahabharat had one drawback. Narada said that Vyas stressed  the importance of the path of karma yoga, righteousness, duties of a man and about performing them selflessly, but he did not sing any praises of the Lord especially since bhakti or one-pointed devotion is the easiest path to the Lord compared to all the other yogas. Narada suggested that he write something that praises Lord Narayan and his glory his Vishvarupa, Viraatrupa, his vibhutis and avataras. Only then will he get peace. Wherefore the Srimad Bhagavatam was compiled by Sage Vyas.

The RESOURCE for this blog :The Srimad Bhagavatam as translated by Kamala Subramaniam.

Brahmavidya or knowledge of Brahman is mentioned several times in the Srimad Bhagavatam.

People in whom the tamoguna (taamsic) and Rajoguna (rajsic) quality is predominant worship of devi devtas is recommended. People who have vairagya of mind and are seekers of truth the Upanishads recommend Brahma Vidya.

Below is the link to Hindi Book on Brahmavidya. It is in Hindi and is difficult to understand. But for anyone interested I have shared the book below



Chapter 1 Ugrashrava/Suta visits the sages in Naimisharanya

Ugrashravas_narrating_Mahābhārata_before_the_sages_gathered_in_Naimisha_ForestDwapar yug has ended and kaliyug is just beginning. Sages are performing a yagya called Brahma satra. (which would last 1000 years) in Naimisharanya forest which cannot be affected by kaliyug. The leader of the sages whose name is Shaunak welcomes and greets Ugrashrava who is also known as Suta. suta’s father Romharshana is the disciple of Ved Vyas from whom he learned the puranas. Shaunaka says that he is worried about the conditions of earth in kaliyug during which people live short lives and suffer from diseases and many illnesses. His mind is clouded with the evils of kama or lust, krodha or anger, lobha or greed, moha or delusion, mada or pride, matsarya or envy in addition to other smaller evils. In order for man to come out of maya he would have to study scriptures for which he has no time or desire so what one work would you recommend studying which a man can become pure and good and freed from bondage of karma.
Ugrashrava tells them that in kaliyug it will be next to impossible for ordinary man to contemplate on the Absolute/Brahman,but even the worst sinner can be saved if he listens to the stories of the Lord and his many avataras. The Bhagvad Puran will dispel the inner darkness in the minds of people of kaliyug.